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The short answer:

Yes. Turkey is a safe place to get a hair transplant. It is internationally renowned for hair restoration procedures. Turkey has many highly skilled surgeons whose reputation and experience often overshadow those of US and UK doctors. There are several factors you’ll want to consider as a potential candidate for a hair transplant in Turkey, but if you’re working with the top clinics and doctors, a hair transplant in Turkey is generally considered safe.

1.) Is a hair transplant safe?

Though no medical procedure is free of risk or the potential for dissatisfaction, hair transplants are one of the safest types of cosmetic surgery. An article published in the National Library of Medicine collected data from 2896 patients and found that the overall significant life-threatening or major complications were zero, but the total minor complications’ percentage was 0.10%.

Further, the research details that most complications can be minimized or avoided entirely with:

  • Qualified & experienced surgeons
  • Reputable clinics with a surgically clean environment
  • Proper intake of patient history
  • Thorough examination of the donor and recipient area
  • Attention to planning and aftercare
2.) Are the doctors and facilities in Turkey reliable and safe?

Yes and yes. Globally, the top hair transplant surgeons are defined by their years of experience, number of treatments performed, frequency of success, and adherence to international standards for patient safety and care. This is why many hair transplant candidates across the world are drawn to Turkey; the country is concentrated with industry-leading doctors who meet these qualifications. Because Turkey attracts a high volume of global patients seeking first-rate hair restoration, the leading professionals will treat significantly more patients per year than the comparative US clinics. In a cyclical manner, the clinics boasting more experience and more treatments performed often have access to the latest cutting-edge technology, training, and advanced treatment facilities. As a potential candidate for a hair transplant, it’s worth considering Turkey, since the country is a global leader with some of the safest & most qualified doctors and facilities.

Whether domestic or abroad, it is important to note that not every doctor, facility, or practice is equal. We encourage hair transplant candidates to evaluate both the clinics and the doctors using thorough criteria.

Our criteria to ensure a safe, reliable, and successful hair transplant in Turkey

Clinic or Hospital Standards:

  • Accreditations and certifications
    • JCI-USA Accreditation
    • ISHRS Accreditation
    • ISO Accreditation
    • Certified by the Turkish Medical Association
    • Certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health
  • Trusted 3rd Party Validation and Reviews


  • Years of experience
  • Number of  treatments performed
  • Education & qualifications
  • Treatments/day (less is more)
  • Trusted 3rd Party Validation and Reviews

With more than 500 hair restoration practices in Turkey, we recommend that you use similar criteria to identify top-rate clinics and doctors.

3.) Is Turkey safe?

Yes, Turkey is safe, tourist-friendly, and a beautiful place to visit. In 2021, Turkey was the 4th most visited country in the world, and in 2023 there were nearly 50 million tourists who visited Turkey. With its strong reputation for world-class cosmetic procedures, the Turkish government has developed the infrastructure supporting its booming medical tourism economy.

Still, as with all travel, domestic or abroad, there are precautions you should take regardless of destination. The BrokeBackpacker, a tourist blog, covers this topic in detail in their Ultimate Turkey Travel Guide. We want to ensure our customers stay safe while enjoying the beauty, culture, and energy of Turkey.

Why HairTransPlan exists:

For hair transplant candidates who want their hair back, but can’t afford domestic treatment, we connect you to the highest-caliber doctors at industry leading clinics. For those open to exploring a beautiful part of the world, we’ve identified and vetted industry leaders so that our customers can access the best & safest treatments, from the most effective doctors, at the lowest rates.