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Getting a hair transplant in Turkey was one of the best medical experiences of my life.

My name is Tucker. I’m 28 years old, from Boston, Massachusetts. In November 2023, a friend and I flew to Istanbul to get our hair back.


I started balding when I was 24 years old. Like most people, I ignored it for the first year and a half because it seemed very minor. But as weeks and then months went by, the hair loss didn’t stop. I started experimenting with preventative measures like Hims, Keeps, Biotin, Rogaine, Minoxidil, Finasteride… you name it—I tried it. Although some of the supplements did slow down the rate of hair loss, I couldn’t get back what I had already lost, and at that point I’d already lost a lot.

My Hat Phase

I knew my hair loss was bad when my grandmother said “It’s okay, your uncle and grandfather both look great bald.” I dreaded going into the office and attending formal events like weddings, since wearing a hat was the only way I could ease my insecurity. Hats had become part of my image, as I depended on them to hide from the reality that I would soon be as bald as my uncle and grandfather.

I thought I’d tried everything I could to get my hair back. I thought I was out of affordable options, since a hair transplant in the U.S. was around 18,000 dollars.

Enter Turkey

I was four years into my hair loss “journey” when a friend sent me a YouTube video titled “I got a $2000 Hair Transplant in Turkey.” I was blown away, and I knew as soon as I finished that video that I too would be getting a hair transplant in Turkey. In the following weeks I read through mountains of research, reviews, and blogs to find the right doctor for me. After a free consultation, I made my commitment to the clinic and scheduled my flight to Istanbul. My friend who was also suffering from hair loss agreed to come along.

There are a ton of direct flights to Istanbul, so my travel was very convenient. We flew Turkish Airlines and had an excellent experience. Upon boarding, we had a “flight kit” waiting in our seats, with a pillow, blanket, compression socks, slippers, a toothbrush and headphones. They also provide hot meals on the flight.

Once we landed in Istanbul, the clinic had a driver waiting for us with a luxury vehicle. It was about a 45 minute drive from the airport to the hotel. The clinic puts all their patients up in a 5 star hotel. We had the night to rest before the next day (operation day).

The morning of our hair transplant procedure, we were picked up at the hotel and brought to the clinic. We joined 6 other Americans and 2 Europeans who were all getting transplants that day. As a group, we met the team of doctors, nurses and technicians. They discussed the game plan, we completed paperwork, then we were brought to our operation rooms.

With my type of hair loss, the clinic advised the micro-sapphire FUE hair transplantation. For this procedure, the team shaves your whole head, draws you a natural hairline, and removes some of the hair from your donor area (the back and side of your head) and places it in the thinning and bald spots.

I had a total of 4,800 grafts moved to the areas of my head where I was losing hair. The operation took a total of 6 hours, with bathroom breaks and a lunch break.

Once the procedure was done, the team bandaged us up and gave instructions on how to sleep that night, and we were given the plan for the following morning.

The next morning, we were picked up from our hotels and brought back to the clinic. This was our debrief day where they removed our bandages and checked on our transplanted hair. Then we had the opportunity to thoroughly discuss the recovery process. This was incredibly helpful, as they gave us all the information and material we needed for the next 3-6 months. In particular, the first two weeks post-op would require the most care, and then you’re on your way to getting your hair back. Finally, we were assured that any questions or concerns we had during our recovery process would be addressed by phone support.

Most patients flew home that day. I decided to stay and explore Istanbul for the remaining week, and I highly recommend doing the same, because it was a great experience. Not only is everything incredibly inexpensive but the city is beautiful, the food is fantastic, people are welcoming and there was never a moment where I felt unsafe.

This whole experience has exceeded my expectations. Having my hair back is great; I am confident, happy, and very relieved. For hair transplant candidates looking for advice, here it is: I knew I made the right decision three weeks after the hair transplant. At that point, hair is growing back, but you’ve seen what you look like bald. I did not like being bald and this was the affirmation I made the right choice. Would you rather be bald right now, for a few weeks, on the road to having your hair back… or continue losing hair and be bald the rest of your life? You were dealt an unlucky hand and you will be bald. You can accept baldness, or you can take control and make the decision to get your hair back.

Why HairTransPlan exists:

For hair transplant candidates who want their hair back, but can’t afford domestic treatment, we connect you to the highest-caliber doctors at industry leading clinics. For those not opposed to exploring a beautiful new part of the world, we’ve identified and vetted industry leaders so our customers get the best & safest treatments, from the most effective doctors, at the lowest rates.